4 Ways to Obtain Export Declaration Number Fast

Once you declare your commodities for export to the Australian Customs Service, you receive what is known as export declaration number (EDN). The number consisting of nine alphanumeric characters is an important entity that would be referred to multiple times during the entire shipping. In other words, it is a mandatory requirement without which no consignment can be exported from Australia. Here’s how to obtain it in four quick ways:


  1. Using an EDN Software
    You can easily find a popular electronic software specifically designed to interact with the Integrated Cargo System of the Australian Customs Service. It is a good alternative to the traditional manual documentation process that requires a lot of time and is prone to errors. The best part is that you won’t need to buy a digital certificate to apply for EDN. Your software vendor would authenticate the communication with the Customs using their own digital certificates.
  2. Using an RFP Software
    If you also want to request for permit (RFP) with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources for exporting commodities like plants, animals, plants products, Animals products etc., you don’t need to buy a separate software for EDN. You may apply for both RFP and EDN simultaneously using the single electronic window. For this, you would need an EXDOC.com.au RFP software.
  3. Using a Complete Export Documentation Solution
    If you also need to prepare other important documents like Health/Phytosanitary certificates, certificates of origin, packing lists, commercial invoices, letter of credit and others, it is recommended that you invest in a complete export documentation package. It would not only make your documentation process fast and efficient, but would also save a lot of money.
  4. Using Export Documentation Services
    The last option is to outsource the task of obtaining EDN to a company offering export documentation services. In fact, you can use these services for the entire documentation process. It would save you from the efforts of installing a software and learning its usage. Also, these services can be customized according to you specific needs.


Many exporters in Australia are already using these tools and services and benefitting from the accurate documentation process. Don’t be late to be one of them.

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