Benefits of Certificate of Origin for Freight Forwarding

Certificate of Origin is a basic document that certifies the origin of products and goods to be exported. It ensures forwarding tariffs are according to the factors stated by the country of origin. In fact, it allows international preferences in the same relation to tariffs and to commercial requirements to be obtained using the certificate of origin of goods being forwarded.

Important Export Documents
Documents you need to export vary depending on the destination country you are exporting goods to, and how cargo would be transported. Hence, it is very important to investigate the export documents applicable to your business.

Important Certificates of Origin

  • AANZFTA Certificate of Origin
  • TAFTA Certificate of Origin
  • Certified Declarations of origin
  • Certificates of Australian Origin
  • KAFTA Certificate of Origin
  • JAEPA Certificate of Origin

When some goods are imported from any other country or when they import from other countries, the certificate of origin is the main document. The certificate entails basic data related to the exporter and recipient. It also gives a way for preferential treatment when exported to other countries.

Data contained in Certificate of Origin

In addition to information of exporter and recipient, the Certificate of Origin includes:

  • Application to issue the certificate along with data accuracy declaration
  • Country of origin of the goods
  • Information related to the type and number of products
  • Quantity of goods to be transported by freight forwarders
  • Information related to labelling and packing goods
  • Full description of goods to help customs officials identify goods while checking shipments to be transported through international freight services
  • The type of transportation to be used –group transport or complete load
  • Vehicle data of the member company of the Australian logistics association

New exporters must follow a few steps to register with the Australian Customs for Integrated Cargo System. There may be a need to deliver different types of document such as bills of exchange, bills of lading, insurance certificates etc.

To obtain a certificate of origin, you need to produce documents requested by other countries you want to export to.

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