How Export Documentation Software Excels Over Templates?

Many exporters in Australia continue to download templates, in MS Word and Excel, to prepare export documentation. While the others have already switched to options like export documentation software and enjoy the cutting edge advantages. If you belong to the first group, here are the top reasons to swing to the second one as soon as possible.

Inaccurate or Outdated Templates
Templates available online might not contain the accurate information and may lead to errors resulting in delays. Moreover, these templates once uploaded don’t get updated automatically. So, there are chances that the templates you download don’t comply with the changing export rules and regulations. On the other hand, the quality software tools link directly to the document-issuing authorities through EXDOC system and the above-mentioned situations are least probable to occur.

Humungous Task of Copy Paste
Every time you need to prepare an export document, the templates would require you to copy and paste information about your company, products, buyers and more. And when your export activities expand exponentially, imagine this tedious task to become even more daunting. Using good EXDOC software, you just need to feed the information once and not every single time.

Multiple Templates Consume Time
You may have to fill one template to generate the bill of landing and other to apply for health/phytosanitary certificates and so on. Imagine the time consumed in the process. Using a single software, you can simultaneously apply for each of these documents and at the same time apply for the export declaration number. Needless to say, your export documentation process would become a matter of a few minutes.

No Security Threats
The templates available online might carry viruses and other malicious programs that may expose your systems to big threats. Rather, opt for a cloud-based EXDOC software which requires absolutely no installation on your systems and offer flexible accessibility.

EXDOC software tools promise many more features like safe storage of data, export monitoring, and reporting tools, communication through emails and customization. Using them, you can instantly request for permits, send all your documents electronically to various parties and save a lot of money.

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