Hiring Staff for Export Documentation vs. Choosing Export Documentation Service

When it comes to export documentation, there is no better decision than using an export documentation software. Now, the real debate is whether you should use the software yourself or prefer to use it as a service from an industry expert. In the former case, you would need to hire staff to carry out the electronic export documentation activities. So, which one is the best option? The following discussion evaluates the same on the basis of different parameters and it also reveals a third option at the end you can definitely consider.

You may interview and hire knowledgeable people who are already familiar with how these systems work. It may take a lot of time and efforts and the staff you hire may not prove to be beneficial. On the other hand, an expert service provider would already have the expert teams with the right knowledge and experience that would not only help to eliminate the usual errors, but also save a lot of precious time.

These specialists have years of expertise in preparing, for example, various documents under the letter of credit. They also coordinate with various parties like shippers, freight forwarders, warehouse owners, banks etc. like professionals on the behalf of the exporters.

Whenever one hires staff, there is need to invest in the infrastructural requirements apart from the salaries. If you choose a service provider instead, you might enjoy the benefits of what is called the flexible pricing.

For example, you can hire these services purely on the basis of your needs. If you want assistance only in obtaining the export declaration number (EDN), you won’t need to pay for the entire documentation services. In other words, you would enjoy a personalized service tailored to meet your specific requirements and in your budget.

You may get fortunate to hire people who are productive enough to speed up the process of export documentation. Still, you may need to keep a watch on their activities and performances and provide inputs specific to your export needs. When you choose a service provider, the whole responsibility of preparing documents lies with the experienced team and you can divert your focus towards your business.

The export documentation service providers offer great support if different types of issues arise in the process. For example, the IT or technical support is very crucial when you use a software solution for business activities. In case you have in-house team members, they might not be capable of handling the situations and you would then need to hire external help. It may lead to waste of time and money.

On the other hand, a service provider acts as a single point where you can get all your issues resolved. These teams extend their support to understand, for example, the requirements to lodge request for permits and prepare Health/Phytosanitary certificates.

The Third Option
You may choose the middle path and get your existing staff trained to use export documentation systems. For this, you can contact a reputed service provider who not only offers training, but also the long-term support to the exporters.

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