What Is the Most Convenient Way to Submit Export Declaration?

The exporters in Australia must declare to the Australian Customs the products they intend to export to other countries. The process is called filing an export declaration and its main purpose is to obtain the export declaration number or EDN that must be quoted on different trade documents, signifying the approval of the Customs to export a consignment. An exporter can submit the declaration to the Customs manually or electronically.

For electronic submission, the exporters must connect with the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) operated by the Customs and Border Force of Australia using a compliant software tool. It is considered as a more convenient process as it offers a number of benefits. Find out what these benefits are.

Prepare a Declaration Faster

Rather than filing a paper form, filing an electronic export declaration is much faster even if you are doing it for the first time. And once you successfully submit the declaration to the ICS for the first time, the procedure would take even a shorter time the next time. It is because you would just need to copy the previous application, make the required changes and file a new declaration. It saves a lot of time required to fill the paper forms again and again.

Avoid Human Errors

Submitting an accurate export declaration is important to obtain the EDN on time and without any hassles. Any error or inaccurate information in the statement may lead to the Customs’ disapproval or investigation that may cause delays. When you use the electronic medium to submit a declaration, the possibilities of such mistakes are significantly reduced. A lot of repetitive work is eliminated and you get saved from the possible hassles.

Submit It Anytime

With the help of a cloud-based export documentation software, you can add to the convenience promised by the electronic export declaration submission process. These software tools need not be installed in your office computers. You can subscribe to them and access them using a mobile device and internet during any hour of the day. It, therefore, becomes extremely convenient to submit a declaration at any time or from any place.

Track the Status Conveniently

When you use the ICS to submit the declaration for your export goods, you can take advantage of the system’s online tracking system to track the status of your application. The system generates a response in the form of a number of messages Clear and Error that can be interpreted easily and in no time. In case there is an error, you can respond back quickly and resolve the issue in order to prevent delays in getting the approval.

You may also amend or withdraw and resubmit the export declaration faster and conveniently through the ICS. In addition, the software you use to file export customs declaration is most likely to assist you in applying for many other important export documents online which makes the overall process of export documentation easy, fast and convenient. By submitting the declaration electronically, you may also save costs.

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